Ozark Herbals

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Shipping Delay Notice!!!
Hey kids we are closed for 2 shows in Arizona.
We will return Monday February 26, 2018.
All orders received while closed will be shipped Wednesday February 28, 2018.
During this time we will acknowledge receipt of your order but will not ship until Wednesday February 28, 2018.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

          OZARK HERBALS is a full time home based business,
specializing in herbal soaps, herbal bathing products, natural remedies
and essential oils.  We provide these products to give people a choice
about what they put on their bodies and to demonstrate centuries old
methods of craftsmanship.

     Our business began 38 years ago when we first made herbal soaps.
We formulate and make many herbal products in addition to soaps.
Hand crafted quality and customer satisfaction are the foundations of
our business.  Our goal is to produce the finest herbal products at
competitive prices.

     OZARK HERBALS gives you a choice to use pure products for
your body and pure pleasure for your senses.

Thank you for your appreciation!!!!

Liz Greenler Shedron & Paul Shedron