Lavender is definitely one of our favorite herbs.  It's easy to use, provides many benefits and is beautiful in smell and appearance.  If you only learn about one herb, learn about the many uses of lavender.  It's hard to comprehend at first that one plant can be so beneficial in so many ways.  But years of using lavender has only confirmed its versatility to us.

Look to lavender for calming and balancing both skin conditions and emotions.  It works in muscle formulas.  It's appropriate in many forms for children.  It has insect repellent properties.  And it works in perfumery, too.

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from flowers.  It has the fragrance and well being benefits of lavender in a concentrated form.  Using lavender essential oil is a very easy way to add lavender to your every day world.

  1.  Add a few drops lavender essential oil to bath water.  Agitate water.  Then enjoy relaxing.
  2.  Put a few drops lavender essential oil in a lamp ring or with water in a simmer pot.  This simple form
      of aromatherapy is a pleasant way to wind down at the end of the day.  It's also great anytime kids
      need to be mellowed out.
  3.  A few drops lavender essential oil on a pillowcase helps some folks sleep.
  4.  A tiny drop of full strength lavender essential oil is instant first aid dabbed on a blemish or insect
  5.  Add 7- 10 drops lavender essential oil for every ounce of a ready made lotion and shake well.
      You get aromatherapy, perfumery and other well being benefits all when you moisturize.

Using lavender flowers will add great color and fragrance to your home and office.  Just setting lavender flowers in a dish will work like a potpourri.  Tie some lavender flowers in a cloth for a relaxing bath herb.  Put a tablespoon or two of lavender flowers in an envelope.  Seal the envelopes and place them among your linens and clothing.  That makes an easy and chemical free sachet.

Another way to enjoy lavender is as a perennial plant in your garden or landscape.  Starting with plants eliminates germination of a difficult seed.  There are many lavender varieties.  We prefer lavandula augustifolia for its stem length, color and fragrance.  Grow lavender in full sun.  Lavender has reasonable needs regarding water and soil fertility.  Plants are widely available in the Spring.  Your local greenhouse or garden center can help you with the growing specifics for your area.

Ozark Herbals offers you 100% lavender essential oil and lavender flowers in different size packages.  We also make several lavender body care products that include Soap, Talc-free Body Powders, Beeswax Lip Balms, Shea Butter Body Polish, Aromatherapy Spritzer and Lotion Bar.

Have fun with this incredible herb!!