OZARK HERBALS brings you superior quality essential and fragrance oils.  All of our oils are full strength so they're long lasting.

An essential oil and a fragrance oil both give you fragrance, but they are very different.  Essential oils are aromatic substances derived from plants.  An essential oil has beneficial properties specific to the plant and can increase your well being.  Fragrance oils are synthetic "smells" or blends of essential and fragrance oils.  They simply provide great smells.

The following ideas are easy ways to enjoy fragrance.  Select oils that are compatible with your skin type if using them for skin care.  Always keep oils out of reach of children.  Oils may react with some finishes.  Use oils responsibly.  Consult an aromatherapy reference to learn more about essential oils.

  1.  A potpourri which has lost its fragrance can be revived by adding several drops of the same name
      fragrance or essential oil.
  2.  Add a few drops of your favorite oil to the cardboard toilet paper roll.
  3.  One or two drops of essential or fragrance oil on a cold light bulb makes good scents when the light
      is on.  Use a brass light bulb ring and add 5-7 drops of oil for less frequent application.  Using
      an essential oil gives you a simple form of aromatherapy.
  4.  Add several drops of fragrance or essential oil to the melted wax reservoir of a candle shortly after
      extinguishing the flame.  The next time you light your candle enjoy the fragrance.
5.  Essential or fragrance oil on a cotton ball is a pleasant addition to vacuum bags.  Use a few drops
      of oil in water vacuums, too.
  6.  A few drops of essential or fragrance oil on punks makes incense.
  7.  Take a bath in warm water with a few drops of essential or fragrance oil.  Swish the water to
       disperse the oil before bathing.  Lavender essential oil is calming and balancing.
  8.  Rosemary essential oil is known to improve memory and can be helpful to students.  Breathe in the
       smell when studying.  Just the smell of the oil later often helps recall what you were studying.
  9.  A few drops of an essential or fragrance oil may be added to a furnace filter.
 10. To water in a simmer pot add a few drops of essential or fragrance oil.  Using an essential oil will
       give you its benefits and simple aromatherapy.  Eucalyptus oil is good during cold season for its
       antiviral and decongestant properties.  Lemon essential oil increases ones sense of well being.
       Peppermint is energizing.  Lavender is calming and balancing.
 11. Rub essential or fragrance oil into the underside of wood tabletops or shelves or high along drawers.
      Avoid finished surfaces.
 12. Add 7-10 drops essential or fragrance oil to each ounce of an unscented shampoo or skin lotion.
       Shake well.  Be sure to use oils compatible with your skin type and special needs.
 13. A few drops of oil may be added to a wreath base or the base of silk or dried flowers.
 14. Put a few drops of fragrance or essential oil in the rinse water of hand washed clothing.
 15. Make a rug deodorizer by thoroughly mixing a few drops of essential or fragrance oil in one pound
       of baking soda.  (Color test on a hidden area).  Then sprinkle the scented soda on your carpet, 
       allow to remain there about an hour and vacuum up.